Monday, September 19, 2016


After this weekend, after this summer of pain, I want to share this. Written earlier this summer, but so much so still applicable. 

7/8/16 Value

you buy yourself a gun
a good one and expect to pay a few grand
you paid the fee rolled the dice
and brought home your death to carry
a few grand! for protection ease of mind
not too high a price to pay

a gun requires ammunition
steel plated bullet rounds
stacks of magazines and cleaner oh and targets
so your aim doesn't drop out of practice
and of course the stickers the reputation
to build upon your car no one messes with you
just a few grand more

while clean out your gun one day
you hear shots across the corner
well versed in explosion patterns you know the range and weapon
into the fray you jump excitedly to defend your people
(forgetting perhaps we all are people)
alas you are hit alas you missed
the only one dead the Samaritan
barely old enough to be a man yet with two daughters
and now your daughter won't look at you
no words to say
what was the price for that?

Today's word is value by SSJE
and as I write tonight
at the end of a week of death
of hatred, confusion, and sorrow
all I can think
is that we have lost our sense of human value
we have trafficked, bought, sold, consumed ourselves
into bits on a computer screen
and we have failed to see
that we were undervalued
I wish I could say, no longer
and have it mean no longer
I wish I could tell every human being
you are worth far more
than your weight in plutonium.
Have every child grow up being told
you have dignity
and so does everyone else.
But what are the words of one in 7 billion
my chances of being struck by lightning are greater
so why, why stand up and say no longer?
what is one vote in the wilderness?
Ask a wren that question - but they cannot answer
they do not understand
no matter what tomorrow morning
that wren will mark the day
with its voice, with its song
though one in three hundred billion

the world weeps
as we lose our sense of value
priorities, authorities,
control issues with fathers
we play the game
hope to win
and still we never learn
is the price to pay for one happy family
that the whole world must be dead?

The wren, it knows its place
and who it is and thus it sings its song
Just as I know, one voice, one song,
one part of the melody is mine
and I am a hope bringer, a joy singer
a love sharer

and I will sing my song.