Sunday, October 8, 2017

Stewardship Questions and Answers, Part 3

What happens if I pledge and cannot keep my pledge?
We realize due to circumstances outside of anyone’s control, people are not always able to keep their pledge. We ask that if you find yourself in such a situation that you tell the priest so that we know for budgeting purposes.

How many people do pledge to our church?
The last pledge campaign at St. John’s was in 2014. We had 32 participants in the pledge in 2014. We are hoping that our participation rate will exceed that of 2014 this year!

What is the tithe?
The tithe is a scripturally based understanding of giving back to God through the church. Tithing is the practice of giving the first 10% of all your income to the church.

Who decides how much we should give?
You do! We ask that you take some time to pray and look at your own budget to discern how much you can give to the church.

How can we support our church without money?
There are many ways you can support the church without giving money. Other ways are leading a fundraiser, volunteering for a ministry, volunteering during clean up days, inviting people to visit and join our church, and praying for our church.

Can I pledge something besides money?
While we need monetary funds for many things in the church, we are also in need of support in many other ways. Time and talents, and other gifts, can be pledged by speaking with the priest.