Wednesday, November 30, 2016


a year, a year!
a year in poetry!
a year of sorrow and joy
of confusion and mission
of tenderness and shame
a year of naming
abstract thoughts that defy
and untold emotions streaming forth from the sky
a year of speaking to myself
a year of writing for my future
a year of sharing of my soul
a year of listening
a year, a year!
a year of uncounted voices
of perspectives unforetold
of lessons I had forgotten
and morals I wish were sold
a year of changes and changelessness
a year of blue hope and hopelessness
of quiet words and tearless cries
a year of what cannot be said
but must, oh must! be shared
because at the last
its only us
we must tell, we must share
in poetry, if nothing else!
please listen, listen
to the secrets under-girding
this year, this year