Thursday, April 6, 2017

Community of all the Saints

At St. John’s this year, we have been focusing on the theme of community for Lent. We have been reflecting on community in the newsletter each week, we have been learning about the agreement that makes it possible for St. John’s and Grace to be together in community during our Wednesday night program, and we have been studying some of the theological questions which have brought together the Church community throughout the centuries. While Lent is a time of many different spiritual practices, there is one pretty popular one that focuses on this theme of community, especially the communion of all the saints.

Lent Madness is a Lenten spiritual devotion that seeks to inspire and educate people about the communion of saints through humor and competition. Based on a tournament style, single elimination bracket system, those who take part in the community of Lent Madness gradually learn about different saints throughout the season of Lent and eventually chose one saint from the year’s original pool of 32 to win The Golden Halo. Each day the community votes based on the biographical information, quotes and quirks, legends, and even kitsch of each saint in the bracket. In this way, many learn new stories and ways that people throughout the world and centuries have lived and worked for Christ.

It is always good to remember and learn from those who have walked this journey before us. We walk as pilgrims on the way, following in the footsteps of thousands of faithful people. Learning about them and each other can inspire us on our own journeys. As we head into Holy Week and the hard walk of following Jesus to the cross, remember that we do not go alone. We make this walk together, with those we can see and those we cannot.

(If you would like to learn more about Lent Madness, visit their site:

See you on the journey!