Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Chapter 9 Crossing II

Processing her experience of taking communion at St. Gregory's led Sara Miles into another world altogether. 

"All of it pointed to a force stronger than the anxious formulas of religion: a radically inclusive love that accompanied people in the most ordinary of actions -- eating, drinking, walking -- and stayed with them, through fear, even past death. That love meant giving yourself away, embracing outsiders as family, emptying yourself to feed and live for others. The stories illuminated the holiness located in mortal human bodies, and the promise that people could see God by cherishing all those different bodies the way God did. They spoke of a communion so much vaster than any church could contain: one I had sensed all my life could be expressed in the sharing of food, particularly with strangers." (93)

Starting with her invitation to serve at the Table in St. Gregory's, Sara Miles starts to realize how she was seeing God in the world.

"It seemed pretty clear. If I wanted to see God, I could feed people." (93)