Thursday, October 25, 2018

Diocesan Convention

Today and tomorrow myself, Deacon Dave Betz, Kaycee Reib, Jeanne Reib, and Kelly Bruckart will be heading to Niagara Falls for Diocesan Convention in collaboration with the Diocese of Western New York. This may be a historic moment for the two dioceses as DioWNY will be voting on whether to have our Bishop, Sean Rowe, as their bishop as well for the next five years.

The understanding of the proposal for the two dioceses is collaboration during the next five years in order to build new creative and mission driven ministries to help both dioceses. If you haven’t already, take a moment in the next two days to look at the website Rust Belt Episcopal ( where you can find lot of information about what would change if the vote is yes and why we are looking into this possibility.

Also, please keep us and all who travel to Niagara Falls this weekend in your prayers as we go to do the work of the diocese for the next year. Elections, budgets, and a Drug and Alcohol Committee proposal are all on the table as well.  

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