Allergy Friendly Church

Everyone wants to be a part of something else.
Many of us would like to be part of a church which welcomes us and cares for us.
For some people that is much, much, much easier than others.

The Allergy Friendly Church

The Top Characteristics 

1. Open to suggestions

2. Plans Ahead

3. Good at Communication 

4. Has Emergency Action Plans

5. Detailed Oriented Leadership

6. Educated on Allergy Issues

Allergy Friendly Communion Alternatives

Lentil Wafers
Millet Wafers
King Arthur Pizza Crust Pita Rounds


  1. Not speaking personally, but are there protocols in place for those individuals that struggle with alcohol issues in communion, ie. Grape juice instead of wine? Just curious.

    1. Not in our Church sadly. Our canons say that it must be wine. There are some places which use non-alcoholic wine. The usual suggestion is that people with alcohol issues just don't take wine. Having just one of either the bread or wine is considered full communion. However, I am not sure this is the best solution.