Thursday, August 17, 2017

Chapter 23 Christian Fighting

Sadly, Sara Miles found that there was a lot of push back against her idea of having food pantry on Sundays. She was surprised and disappointed, though she fought hard for her idea. 

It is surprising to many people how much Christians fight among themselves, and on a wide variety of topics. In the last ten years, Episcopalians have fought themselves on every level, in congregations, in dioceses, in provinces, in the national General Convention, in the Anglican Communion. 

"The endless fights among the faithful had prompted Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, to write that "unity is a gospel imperative when we recognize that it opens us to change, to conversion: when we realize how our life with Christ is somehow bound up with our willingness to abide with those we think are sinful, and those we think are stupid."" (255)

""In plain words," as the archbishop said, "unity is a gospel imperative to just the extent that we find it hard."" (256)