Friday, November 10, 2017

Courage and Collaboration in Christian Community

This year for Diocesan Convention the theme is Courage and Collaboration in Christian Community. The theme highlights the focus of the program for Convention, which starts today, on the possibility of collaboration with the Diocese of Western New York. No one would disagree that both dioceses are part of the larger Christian community of the world, and no one would disagree that as Christians we are called upon to have courage and to work together with others for the cause of Jesus Christ. The question which this Convention seeks to answer is how we can go about the work of collaboration together in faith and courage in our specific context as neighboring dioceses.

St. John's has sent three delegates to Diocesan Convention: Kaycee Reib, Kelly Bruckart, and Jeanne Reib, along with Deacon Dave and myself as its clergy. We are here at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie to represent St. John's in the business of the Diocese and to add to the conversation about how collaboration with the Diocese of Western New York might impact and enrich the congregation of St. John's. I hope you will take some time on Sunday to talk to one of our delegates about their experience at Convention and their experience of being together with other Episcopalians from around this region. Courage and collaboration starts with each one of us working together!