Sunday, November 5, 2017

Stewardship Questions and Answers, Part 6

What is the plan for reaching that vision?
The plan for reaching our vision is to engage people in weekly worship, classes and small groups, and fellowship so that people can learn and grow in their relationship with God.

How do I work towards tithing from where I am now?
The best way is to start by increasing your giving percentage a little bit. Some people look at where they are now and plan to increase by a percent every year until they are able to tithe. Perhaps you want to step it up faster, try increasing by two percent each year.

How do I re-order my priorities to give more?
The best way to look at your priorities is to sit down with your budget. Figure out how much of your income is required for basic necessities; food, shelter, water. Then look at how much of what remains is required for any debts you might have. Once you’ve figured out how much spending money you have, decide how much you want to be able to give to the church, whether it is a set amount each week or month or a percentage of your total income. By looking at what you would like to give early on in the process, you are prioritizing giving back to God.

How do I get involved in ministries that I’m financially giving to? 
There are numerous ways to get involved through volunteering time to different ministries at St. John’s. Contact the church office to see who to talk to about volunteering in a ministry! 

What traction is the church making because of our generosity?
St. John’s Episcopal Church is well-known throughout Franklin and the surrounding area for being a part of the community, giving back to the community, and as a resource for the city.

Who has experienced life change because of our generosity?
Look no further than those who go to church camp, our young adults who grew up in the church, those who come to the food pantry every month, the graduates of the Emmaus Haven Shelter program, those who graduated from the Financial Peace University program, and those who come to church every Sunday for people who have had their lives changed because of the Good News proclaimed through the mission and members of St. John's Episcopal Church.