Sunday, October 1, 2017

Stewardship Questions and Answers, Part 2

 How much should we give?
There is not a magic number for how much anyone should give. Traditionally, the tithe is set at 10% of total income. However, any amount which stretches you to know that you are giving without sending you into (more) debt is acceptable.

How can we help our church have more money?
Naturally, giving to the church is one way people can help the church have more money. Other ways include doing fundraisers for the church, inviting people to visit and join the church, finding grants and scholarships for different ministries of the church, and praying for the financial stability of the church.

How can children tithe?
It is a great idea to involve your children in giving back to the church! Children can tithe or give back in many ways alongside adults. If they have an allowance, they can save 10% of their allowance to give back to God. If they don’t, they participate in volunteering to work fundraisers, volunteering for appropriate service projects, and giving clothes or toys as donations when the church does drives.

How long could we sustain our church with only investment income?
Less than 3 and a half years. Partially because some of our investments have restrictions on them determining for what they can be used. Our music, choir, and altar flower ministries would all far outlast the building, the staff, and any programs we would be able to fund on investment income.

Am I the only one who doesn't tithe?
NO! People give at lots of different percentages of their total income. While we do not know how many people at St. John’s do tithe, because we don’t know people’s salaries, we do know not everyone can afford to tithe, as much as they might wish to.

Would it help if I were only able to give $5 more each week?

YES! Every little bit helps. An increase of $5 every week ends up being a $260 dollar increase over the course of a year. $260 would completely fund some of our Bible study and formation groups, or even allow us to start a new one.