Sunday, October 29, 2017

Stewardship Questions and Answers, Part 5

Where does the money from our "seasonal outreach" envelopes go?
The money from our “Seasonal Outreach” envelopes goes to support the outreach missions of the Church during that time period of the year. During the Christmas season, the money goes to support our Christmas outreach projects, Adopt A Family and the Thanks-Giving Tree. At other times of the year, the money supports the Shepherd’s Green Community Food Pantry and the Joyful Noise Offering.

If we don't give enough to cover our budget, what will we cut?
We hope that we do not have to cut anything from our budget. Unfortunately in the event of major income issues, certain aspects of our life together do not get the support they deserve. The Finance Ministry makes such discernment carefully and prayerfully in order to continue the core mission of the Church.

What if we don't agree with the church on some issues?
You are more than welcome to disagree with the church on some issues. Hopefully, this does not stop you from giving back to God out of gratitude for the many and various ways God has provided for you.

Is it okay to designate where one's gifts go?
Usually we ask for people to give undesignated donations to the church. In special circumstances, the church offers a specific fund or project which needs designated fund to support it, such as a capital campaign or a fundraiser. Otherwise, we ask that you put your trust in the leadership of the church in the use of funds to support the ongoing mission of the Church.

Who decides how our money is spent?
Ultimately the decision of how we spend our money is left with the Vestry and the Priest. At St. John’s, the Finance Ministry starts the budgeting process and takes a look at all the large ticket items that might be purchased in the future. The Finance Ministry makes recommendations to the Vestry and the Priest, who then make decisions based in the best interests of the Church.

What is the church’s vision?

St. John’s vision is to be an open and engaging congregation where the needs of people are met, spiritually, physically, and socially. St. John’s vision is to send out its members into the world to proclaim the good news of Jesus and to support people along their spiritual journeys.