Thursday, July 6, 2017

Chapter 11 Volunteers

"Volunteers would help out at the pantry for the same reason they became deacons or bread bakers or choir members: not because they wanted to go to meetings but because they wanted to do something, be part of something. And, I said, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the people who came to eat stayed to help out: After all, that's what had happened to me." (113)

This has happened and continues to do so with our food pantry at St. John's, Shepherd's Green Community Food Pantry. We have people who help upstairs checking everyone in, we have people who help downstairs preparing the groceries, all who started because they came looking for something to eat. In many ways, this has happened to many of us who have come to church to take communion, and then stayed to help out with the events or mission or keeping up of what is going on here. The verbs of communion continue to be: take, bless, eat, give thanks, send out.