Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Chapter 17 The Desert

Sara Miles had an experience with someone who was a food pantry volunteer. The volunteer's boyfriend was regularly beating her up and threatening to kill her, so she stole his gun and brought it to the church to hide.
"That's what church was for, I realized: a place to bring the ugly, frightening secret you couldn't tell anyone else about." (184)
Sara Miles hid the gun  and the volunteer moved away from her boyfriend. Later, Sara and the St. Gregory's parish administrator, Steve, took the gun to the police. ""You just made the high point of my career as a parish administrator," said Steve. "I never imagined I'd show a cop something that would make him say 'Holy shit.'" "Yeah, well," I said, "I guess this is what you call the Christian life."" (185)

While this was an extreme situation, Sara did care for and provide a safe space for that volunteer. When have you found yourself in a surprising situation because of your faith?