Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday - Resurrection

the street preacher
goes on and on about Jesus
and the girl nonchalantly
nods along focusing on other things

but something catches her ear
about redemption - a feeling
she's only dreamed of unknowingly
subconscious wish for good

"yo - what's that?" she says
wondering if perhaps a few
questions might be answered
for the trouble on the corner

"Jesus was a man - the Son of God
and he died, he died for all"
"Stupid, why'd he do that?"
"because of love," he said, "because of love"

"shut up" she said, "no one's that dumb"
no one loves me that much
the demons in her head confirmed
why bother for this life?

"oh no, Jesus did. Died for you,
died for me. Died so that we might know love.
Do you know love?" he questioned
wondering whether he could even answer

the girl looked at him in concern
know love? what is love?
and who's this crazy man
who loves these cranky people?

"God is love," he says, "he loves you
so much he'd do anything
to let you know." She waved him off.
"Alleluia!" was his last proclamation

what nonsense rich - how many times
was he dropped as a kid
to think that love would touch her life
the world taught other lessons

but that word - those words
had melted into thirsty synapses
redemption, love, and alleluia
there was no doubt she wanted

in the background quietly
her soul whispered in response, alleluia