Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday - Sustain

my God, my soil deepened richly
sustains me in eloquent silence
for there I learned
though death did speak
to my hate-filled waiting heart
that my life must be worth the gold
I weigh and more
for a man, a man with love
who knew me not two thousand years
of fated human history ago
a man who loved his mother
his friends though fraught with lies and complications
a man of love
worth more than I could ever know
died so that I might live
and that life not worth living
as slowly as an orchard grew
with strength and depth and breadth
living, breathing, ever changing
to bear the fruit of unknown destiny
all for the living dust
of one man's flesh
enraptured in the resurrection
and grateful be this little seed
for the death which brings new life