Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday - Way

Sometimes it is the simplest words that are the hardest 
when you stare at 'that' trying to figure out if
it's always been spelled that way and when did you realize
it has 'hat' in it? Mostly these days it's the meanings
the meanings hitting you in the face totally obscured
what does it mean to trust? to love? to hold? to miss?
to hold something when the nuclei of your atoms 
and the atoms of its substance never meet and yet
you know you can feel the shape of it, the feel of it against your arm
what does growing up do to us? Maturity? Knowledge? Age?
The long and winding road speaks volumes in its name
I seek a way to wisdom instead, alas a chore
Definition is too brutish for such elegance, away
away with words layered upon each other!
sink into the wisdom of this moment 
sink into the feeling of connection
sink into the colors of creation
sink into the silence of salvation