Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday - Boundary

thinking about the sky and how it is a sphere
wrapped around a ball of rock
and that rock cuts out the core of the sphere
and so the limit there is rock, is dirt, a taurus,
and the limit on the other side is gravity
what holds the air to the earth,
but eventually it melts off into infinity
and the limit there does not exist
at least as we know

thinking about a brick wall in rectangular shape
the limits of its existence
of the formula of its function
verily exist in natural states of integers
here and there and here
in front of your face
brick in absolute unyielding tenacity

thinking about skin in various shades
yielding and limited within limits
there exists a place where you are you
and you are not
but porous enough that me touching you
exchanges particles, molecules, mass
tininess we cannot see

thinking about the world in cold circuitous routes
there are obvious boundaries
with absolute limits
found without exception each time
while other unmanageable sights
slip and slide across the boundary line
producing emotions we cannot hide
even though we don't know why
this is a mathematical mess
but a glorious mystery of time