Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday - World

The World in a Carpet

From my bed I can see written in the carpet
The lines I leave traced along my pathways
Telling all who see, well, I need to vacuum
And the normal boundaries and routines
The world through which I walk each day

I go from here to there and there over
Chasing a life of meaning through concrete structures 
Wondering how soon it will all be forgotten 
As nature continues her unending cycle
Life and death and life and death and on

Each part totally ordinary, made of the same carbon chains
Variations on a theme of chemistry
Each part different from the rest 
The chances! The probability remains insane
Each inch a pattern of latent pathways

I just wrote a poem about carpet. Sometimes I wonder at myself. 
I said in the beginning, some would be good, and some would be questionable. I think we know where this one lies along that spectrum.