Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday - Seeds

Resurrection is part of a seed's life cycle
Growing to the song of special tending
Nature, nurture, yes, we adapt to circumstance
Knowing that what is born of unseen seeds
Is not our own but God's, for what can we claim 
When the cause was tangential to another era
Bygone, barely remembered, yet taking root
Sustained in soil we cannot admit - lest
By some completed accident we see ourselves
Fully as we were made to be in that celestial mirror
And upon seeing, change, accepting not society
Nor our pricey educational mores but truth
And upon waking step beyond into life

*I am very sorry that SSJE isn't actually doing the word of the day now because of their focus on the rule of life for Lent. However, I am still taking the word of the day for my poetry from their daily devotion.