Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday - Self

The schools of birds swoop and dive
crisscrossing into and out of and through each other

and the children never notice caught up
they are in the balls and each other playing

games are all afoot they don't even know another's name
but of what importance are names to those who do not know and fun

calls to you and joy and delight dance with you
yet you barely know your self to be

dancing! The birds are dancing overhead.
The adults are sitting along the sides

trying hard not to ponder life's greatest mysteries
despite being faced with them so clearly, dearly

why does being self conscious mean knowing
others are watching you and not that you know your self

because two separate things are being awkwardly uncomfortable
always seeking outside validation for your self

and being free to swoop like a bird so easily
conscious of your self as simply enough

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