Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday - Daily

we are as intricate and as simple
as the Celtic knotted cross on the wall
we are as normal
as the daily habits of brushing teeth and flushing toilets
we are passing away each day
never to be returned and never to be seen again
almost forgotten in the sands of time
as someone in the normal rush of life
for there is nothing that cannot be forgotten
and there is nothing that should be forgotten
every joy, every sorrow,
every mishap and quirk
is the artistry of a world more diverse
than one can ever imagine
we live in houses we cannot explain
yet we take it all for granted
granite counter tops quarried from who knows where in this world
built of stone which has lived for ages in the depths of vast material
countless rows of atoms compressed and polished and gleamed
into a surface barely noticed on the way through the kitchen hoping for a snack
this is the world at your finger tips
woven into the lives of those you have not met
daily striving
same as you
to be loved

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