Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday - Relationship+

Today is an overflowing day. The price you pay is willingly reading more questionable poetry. 

A bar of soap is slippery
and always slightly undefined
When cut it is as designed 
sharp edges holding shape
But the only way it stays
Is packaged on the shelf 

Once taken out 
It immediately is eaten
By the water and the grime
Giving it it's very purpose meaning
From time to time we fancy ourselves
In need of punishment 
Distastefully reminding us 
Of simpler days

Soap is of necessity 
It's basic principal 
Cannot be held by human hands
We feel drawn
To dirt to mess to wayside train wrecks
Barely pulling ourselves away
Peace as soap
Stands no chance

Nuclear Fusion
Ah! The bitter ripples of the fountain pond
Gleaming in the midnight's unnatural glow
We missed the chain reaction of water into snow 
Changing all that of which we were fond

Our identity
A beloved child of God
See God has no taste

We wish special we
Forgetting we know of grace
Relationship is

"I made eyes to see
You forget to open them
My beloved love"