Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday - Weed, Tend, Move Closer

A walled enclosure marking space apart
Us versus them in concrete form
Hiding all those things we are hoping to forget
Yet when we come up barren, 
lacking fruit, leaves, or berries, nothing to lend us praise
We come to sorrow we tear our wounds
And grieve in loud estate

Giving up on the weeds is the biggest mistake
Time heals all wounds... when they are tended
Cared for, cleaned, and bandaged against the rot
Ever creeping closer to becoming a person
We grasp waiting but waiting needs to be let go
For that joy-filled love-steeped quiet moment
When waiting is overcome

I was thinking about the story of the fig tree in Luke 13 and the different ways we can put ourselves in that parable. If we think of ourselves as the tree, we can see that others can get frustrated that gifts we have are not bearing fruit (parent/teacher-child relationships). If Jesus is then the gardener that wants to give more tending, then it seems to say that sometimes we need tending with manure in order to grow, we need to tend, to be tended, with the suckiest parts of our lives because that is how we grow and bear fruit. Gardeners use manure because it has lots of nutrients. What are the nutrients in the hardest places of our lives helping us to grow?