Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday - Weakness

Today I wrote two it seems. Sometimes this poetry thing is quite a surprise to me. 

Mr. Cohen had a point
When he sang that cracks
Are how the light gets in
Cracks are also how we can hear the waves
Of music wobbling through
Down the time soaked corridors
From when you and I tried to fathom
How we could be alone together
And feel a wholeness we did not know
How it pains me to admit
My weakness as my strength
My heart still seeks to love
Despite the world's greatest efforts
Though we strive perfection's way
We rebel with honest integrity
And the idiocyncracies of each machine
Reminding us of imperfection's endearing qualities 

Love is a crack we were not meant to find
Without the maturity to understand
Yet who could understand the holy trinity 
Of faith and hope and love divine 
Without the immaturity of time
We grow more intricate, every passing thought
Making what is solid impermeable 
Giving light a third quality, white
the culmination of all the colors, joy